Tom Berney (tom_berney) wrote in uk_world,
Tom Berney

Torturing People and the Truth

The recent revelations have been so awful that it is difficult to know what to say.

There seems to be no doubt that torture has been a a deliberate policy of the coalition in Iraq. It also seems clear that if the photos had not been published the public would have remained in complete ignorance of it and it would probably have continued. Bush/Blair loyalists as usual try to present the issue through a distorting lens. "Publishing the pictures will inflame opinion in Iraq!" they cry. Do they really think the people being tortured and their relatives don't already know about it?? Iraqis have been complaining about abuse since it started.

Bush/Blair's only real worry was inflaming US and British opinion. Blair is STILL trying to conceal the evidence about British abuses and STILL toadying to Bush. What on Earth will it take to shake him? George has already referred to the kind of people who were hired to set up the Liberator's torture chambers. This kind of story gives it all an awful inevitability.

"In 1997 a 29-year-old schizophrenic inmate named Michael Valent was stripped naked and strapped to a restraining chair by Utah prison staff because he refused to take a pillowcase off his head. Shortly after he was released some sixteen hours later, Valent collapsed and died from a blood clot that blocked an artery to his heart.
The chilling incident made national news not only because it happened to be videotaped but also because Valent's family successfully sued the State of Utah and forced it to stop using the device. Director of the Utah Department of Corrections, Lane McCotter, who was named in the suit and defended use of the chair, resigned in the ensuing firestorm."

And now Mr McCotter has a job advising the US Army. Incredible!

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